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His first win was on the May 19 ECW on Sci Fi over a jobber, in what is now known as the "exploding trunks" match due to the jobber suffering a wardrobe malfunction during the match.On September 15, Ryder won a 10-man battle royal to earn contendership to the ECW Championship but lost to the champion, Christian, the following week.After continuing to win matches, they re-earned a match against Team Tremendous and won the titles for the second time on January 25, 2006. Cardona's first WWE appearance was on April 21, 2005 on Smack Down!where he, performing as a jobber, took on Matt Morgan.Nicholson described an incident where Drew Hankinson was completely naked in the ring for a long period of time and gave naked stink faces to Ryder and Melissa Coates while De Mott held jelly donuts over their faces.

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In March 2015, Devon Nicholson described an incident from 2006 that Bill De Mott was involved with while he was head trainer for the WWE's DSW developmental territory.

In 2011, he started publishing a You Tube web series called Z!

True Long Island Story where he proclaimed himself WWE's "Internet Champion", though this championship was not sanctioned by WWE.

They worked on WWE's ECW brand, winning only their first match until they were drafted to Smack Down! On November 9 they won a battle royal to receive a WWE Tag Team Championship match, but didn't win.

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At Armageddon, the duo dressed up like Edge and interfered in the World Heavyweight Championship match, replacing Edge at several points along the match to help him win the title and thus turning heel for the first time in their WWE career.This, and his use of social networking websites, helped him in establishing a fan following and a bigger television role with WWE as a result.