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Manual Pulse recorded: 79bpm Cardio was a disappointment in terms of how many times I had to make a measurement. It seems that the slightest movement, something as simple as taking a deep breath may put the app’s counter off the mark.

It’s disappointing because when you go to the doctor’s for a check-up or if you were even to use a digital heart rate monitor like the one pictured above, you would be instructed to breath normally.

The heart rate is nothing more than your pulse and you can count how many beats you have by placing two fingers over your radial artery.

It’s so easy, many of us learned to do it in school. It’s a medical apparatus that uses a proper pressure cuff to measure your blood pressure as well as your pulse.

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The test subject was measured in a state of rest, does not suffer from hypertension etc, and is not underweight or obese.Install Heartrate by Azumio From The App Store Install Heartrate by Azumio From The Google Play Store These heart rate monitors are indeed accurate.Getting the correct reading might take a few attempts but the reading isn’t wrong or that far off the mark.That’s not to say they will be replacing your GP but for anyone exercising, or wanting to monitor their vitals without purchasing an add-on for their phone, these apps are pretty useful.

A note about accuracy: GP’s normally instruct adding or subtracting ten from the reading of a digital device depending on the trend (if your reading is normally higher than average, add ten, if it is less than average, minus ten).When it comes to smartphone cameras, no one should expect a 4-year-old startup like One Plus to realistically take on a tech behemoth like Samsung, but One Plus puts up a seriously good fight.

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