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When Ryan decides it's time to start dating again, Misty May-Treanor offers to help and invites him to play in a game of beach volleyball with her friends.Elsewhere, George outlives his doctors' predicted life expectancy for him and is ready to celebrate, and Danny develops feelings for Sonia.Go On was created by Scott Silveri and was given a series order on April 20, 2012.Ryan King is a sports talk radio host who thinks he is ready to get back to work after the death of his wife.And Ryan has a breakdown after giving away Janie's sewing machine.Ryan hallucinates his dead wife Janie at home, prompting him to take better care of himself.When Amy (Lauren Graham) pays a visit to her old college friends Ryan and Steven, the guys unexpectedly begin to compete for her affection.Meanwhile, Ryan invites the support group to the K-Bal offices for Thanksgiving, Lauren's qualifications are tested by Owen's mom and Anne's kids meet Ryan for the first time.

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Ryan tries to help Danny let go of the fantasy world he has created in his mind to escape to when reality is too difficult to confront.And Ryan invades his personal assistant Carrie's personal time.